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Listen, Watch, & Read

Some of my favorite blogs share a roundup of articles, videos, sermons, and quotes that have recently impacted them. That is my inspiration for and intention with this post (and the others to follow). Hopefully, you are encouraged as I was!

I read this article at exactly the right time. My family is facing a similar situation.

I listened to this sermon by Eric Ludy this week. It was also a timely reminder of the correct perspective of suffering.

This album has been on repeat. From the website: “One day the waiting will be over, every wrong will be made right, and all creation will bow before the returning King and Savior, Jesus Christ. Until then, we praise… we trust… we hope… we pray, knowing that the God who gave His only Son to redeem a people for Himself will never go back on His promises.” I especially like How Long O Lord, Give Me Jesus, I Lay It All, We Look to You, and When We See Your Face.

“My times are in Thy hands.” Quite often they seem to be in the people’s hands. When they seem to be in the people’s hands. When I wish for solitude and no interruption, the phone rings, people come, mail arrives that demands immediate action. Do I imagine the interruptions come as a surprise to the Lord? Are they not, just as much as the planned things, a part of the pattern of things that work for good?

Elisabeth Elliot

The school of life offers some difficult courses, but it is in the difficult class that one learns the most– especially when your teacher is the Lord Jesus Himself.

Corrie ten Boom

Do not let us look upon victory over sin as a luxury to be enjoyed by the higher life, it is a condition into which we must all enter, or we are not saved. Holiness is not a luxury for the few, it is a necessity for all saints; and what is preached as an accomplishment which may be obtained by a second conversion is in truth a necessary part of the first conversion, if it is of the Lord. The slaves of sin are not the children of God. If sin reigns in your mortal bodies, you are dead in it. If Satan has dominion over won, you are not in Christ Jesus, for “they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.” Wherever grace lives it either reigns or fights for the throne; it enters the soul on purpose to war with evil and overthrow it. Where the ark of the Lord is Dagon must fall upon his face and be broken. “He that sins has not seen him, neither known him,” says the apostle John, and he says truly. “That which is born of God overcomes the world,” and if you let the world get mastery you cannot be born of God.

Charles Spurgeon