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About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you are here– let me introduce myself!

My name is Sarah. I was born in Louisiana, and raised in Southeast Missouri, where I currently live with my family. I lived in Northern Colorado for a few years and fell in love with the mountains. (As you might have guessed by the name of my blog!)

I work for my family’s lawn care business (doing anything and everything that requires technology).


Jesus rescued me from the kingdom of darkness and translated me to the kingdom of His beloved Son. Because of this rescue, I am now a child of God! His Holy Spirit dwells inside of me and is daily making me more like Christ. Through this indwelling I am empowered to live an immovable life, one which is built upon Christ alone.

Some Things I Am Passionate About

  • The Word of God
  • The Gospel
  • Discipleship
  • Missions
  • The immovable life
  • Biblical femininity

As the mountains exists to encourage women to build their lives upon Jesus Christ, equipping them to live an immovable life.

As the Mountains

After living in Colorado, near the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains, I realized that though seasons and people come and go, storms rage, and fog, darkness, and smoke fall, the mountains remain. Even when I can’t see them I know they are still there.

The even greater reality is, as Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Through every season of life He is constant. It doesn’t matter where I am, or what my circumstances are, He is always the same.

This reality enables me to live an immovable life– a life built upon the reality of my always the same God. A life empowered by the Holy Spirit to be immovable, as the mountains.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I love to read! (Find out what I am currently reading here.)
  • I have eight younger siblings.
  • As a child I dreamed of being a fashion designer.
  • My love for writing began when I started journaling ten years ago. I still journal consistently– even when I’m not writing for my blog I keep up with my journal.
  • I wear my denim jacket most days, it goes with everything!
  • Even though I have an irrational fear of water, I went scuba diving several years ago. During the dive I saw a Clown Fish (Nemo!) hiding in an anemone. The ocean floor really does look like Finding Nemo.
  • I love sending and receiving mail.
  • I love the mountains.
  • My favorite drink from my favorite coffee shop, is an iced coconut milk latte with maple syrup and cinnamon.
  • Because of multiple food allergies I eat a mostly Paleo diet. Most of the time I’m okay with my meats, veggies, nuts and fruits, but sometimes I miss pizza!